Hello!✋ My name is Ameer. I'm a Software Engineer located in Denver, Colorado🎄. I am currently focused on Data Structures and Algorithms implemented with Python, and building/designing performant sites and web/mobile applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, NodeJS, AWS, Adobe XD, and more. Check out what I have been working on below!🔽

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Game Show Web App

This is a web implementation of wheel of fortune built with vanilla JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Users can click on the keys with their mouse/trackpad or play the game with their physical keyboard.

Demo - Source

Pagination + Search Interface

In this project I created a list of users in HTML. Then, using JavaScript I added pagination to organize the list, and added a search bar with working functionality to query the users.

Demo - Source

JavaScript Weather App

A weather application created utilizing the Darksky API, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and Skycons. This program consumes weather data from the Darksky API with the web fetch API in JavaScript. It also utilizes the Navigator.geolocation Web API to gain access the users device location if they allow it and renders the proper weather for that user's area.

Demo - Source

Dynamic Web Form

This is an interactive web form I created. I used regular expressions in JavaScript to validate each field and also used JS to manipulate the dom and update the UI based on the checkboxes the user clicks.

Demo - Source

Employee Directory App

This web application is a directory that allows users to view information about random employees. The app makes an HTTP request in JavaScript to the public REST API. Using HTML5 and JavaScript I added a search bar with functionality to query the employees. You can click on each person to get more information about them in a modal.

Demo - Source